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Inventory (check-in module)

Your charter check-in will involve verification of the yacht’s equipment inventory. The App will help you to get familiar with the Inventory, equipment, items, and procedures. If you delegate the inventory to a Mate, emphasize the need for accuracy. Be sure the person taking the inventory check has the App installed for the Check-in procedure and actually knows, eyeballs or touches each inventory item. Here are a few very good reasons to familiarize and complete the inventory accurately:

  • You’ll want all the inventory items onboard; the tool kit does you no good if it’s back at the base!
  • Being familiarized with your boat will help you easily identify all the inventory items and their locations. The app search bar will help you quickly find items when they’re needed – especially key for safety equipment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the vessel and items onboard as you are responsible for missing or lost inventory items.

We cannot stress the importance of your preparation for a safer, faster, better, and more relaxed check-in procedure, which will also improve your overall chartering experience.

Please help yourself, your crew, and the charter staff to perform better. Review and share the video briefing: