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If you are reading this it means that your Charter Company is already equipped with the mobile Check-in procedure.


In this case you are all set. Even before you will arrive at the Charter Base, The Charter company will be able to send you Notifications, and welcome notes, offering helpful, safe and fastest directions to board your vessel (please stay logged to The Charter App to be able to receive instructions and guidance).

Further, please review The Charter App’s Vessel data, Inventory, Video briefings, and other helpful information.

You will be comfortably guided regarding the schedule, and also where to obtain the booked gear, find the shore-side heads/showers, nearest and best grocery stores, recommended restaurants, etc.

Proper use of The Charter App will give you great advantage through the entire Charter procedure.

Documents, Please

Please fulfill the Crew List via The Charter App ahead of time (no latter than 10 days prior to Check-in).

This will give you another comfortable advantage and best possible start to your charter journey, right from the get-go.

Share The Charter App among crew mates

Raise the knowledge, improve safety, teamwork and confidence.

Each crew member has also an option to include Family members (a crew members that have not The Charter App installed).