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Chart Brief

Please make sure you watch the briefing videos.

Knowing the vessel’s secrets, places and compartments will not just speed up your process but also make your check-in procedure much safer.

The chart briefing will review the local cruising grounds, prevailing wind/sea conditions, popular itineraries, recommended anchorages, and cruising restrictions. The briefer’s local knowledge is priceless, so ask and listen carefully! Notes to consider:

  • Some charter companies generally have a scheduled group briefing which the Skipper and Mate attend. Other companies may conduct a personalized brief onboard your yacht, usually at the end of the checkout, while most of them will only provide simple directions, as such data is nowadays easily available.
  • Assuming you’ve planned your itinerary, keep your plan in mind at the brief. Be flexible and prepared to adjust your itinerary based on the briefer’s advice, weather, etc. Ask specific questions if needed.
  • Learn the best source for local weather conditions. Use current/near-term weather forecast implications on your App and review its data with the planned itinerary.
  • Ask if there are other groups or events (races, festivals) that may impact your trip, flex Itinerary accordingly.
  • Be sure you have adequate charts and a cruising guide on board your boat.
  • Glean as much information as you can; via The Charter App, Boat documents, and Chart Briefers – never underestimate the value of local and specific knowledge. Streamline the process by using your time and crew efficiently, but don’t take shortcuts. Once your Charter Checkout is complete, brief your crew and get underway.

Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, processes may be adjusted.

Prepare yourself for a smooth and fast check-in process – take time and review The Charter App’s features.